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[Text Post] Posted 2 years ago on Sun, Jul. 29, 2012

Did you know that Pinterest is taking over the world? Seriously! It’s taking over the lives of millions of people across the globe! It’s just so Ah-Mah-Zing not to mention addicting!

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.

It’s true! I’m totally obsessed, as most pinners are. I’ve been using Pinterest since January [Yes, I was a late bloomer *lol*] and I recently re-found my love and addiction! ~loved~ I actually spent an entire afternoon re-organizing my boards and pins. haha! I’ve actually been putting my pins to use tho with camera in hand! So you’ll be seeing a lot of Pinterest inspired posts in the near future! ~smile~

Before I go, I wanted to share a Pinteresting tale with y’all… Not only is Pinterest great for inspiration but also motivation. ~what~ Let me explain: The other morning I had spent a good deal of time on Pinterest, browsing and pinning. Then Bam! out of no where I got a sudden burst of motivation to get started on housework. *huh* I think it was mainly due to the fact that I can’t really do any of the projects I’ve pinned with a messy house! *lmao* I got my kitchen clean and ran some errands. Then for dinner, we tried a new recipe that I’d found on Pinterest. It was a big hit so I’ll be sharing that soon! Until then… Happy Pinning!

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[Text Post] Posted 2 years ago on Mon, May. 14, 2012

It has begun… Tonight at Midnight, our time has [finally] come to fight the Evil upon us.

Pre-Order NOW at or buy it at Midnight from your local Gamestop!

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[Text Post] Posted 2 years ago on Sun, May. 06, 2012

Shakira’s new hit single “Addicted To You" video premiered last week, thoughts?!

Keeping Up With Shakira
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[Text Post] Posted 2 years ago on Fri, Apr. 20, 2012

Now that the weather is heating up and beach season is right around the corner, everybody seems eager to swap out winter jackets for summery shorts and sandals. While shedding layers for the sun, there’s one accessory that can add an unexpected pop to any outfit: The perfect nail polish.

Summer 2012 nail trends are all about bright, juicy shades, so pull out the sunglasses and prepare to lacquer up. Unexpected hues, like neon orange or sunny yellow, grab attention at the beach with a burst of color. Use multiple coats to ensure that the color really sizzles.

You can also take the season’s gilded metallic trend to your nails with a shimmery gold or silver. Finish with a glossy topcoat to add extra glam shine.

Another big trend of late has been black or grey nails, which make sense during the colder months, but in the summer can look downright depressing. Dark nails are still a fun and unexpected twist, so just tone it down for the season by selecting a polish in plum, navy or deep turquoise. Try a matte shade for added drama.

Ladies who are extra daring (and artistically inclined), might want to try their hand at painting a geometric design. Geometric nail art may be a bit more time consuming than the typical home manicure, but the final look is a guaranteed attention grabber. To achieve this effect, paint nails with a solid-colored base – sticking with this summer’s trends, try a neon or dark plum – and allow it to dry. Then use scotch-tape to block out a shape on the nail, and paint over it with another color. Once that coat dries, repeat as many times as desired to create a fun geometric print. While amateurs can certainly achieve this fearless looks at home, after some experimentation you may be inspired to step up your game by studying to become a nail technician

If you’re normally one for subtle natural shades, perhaps geometric nail art seems too ambitious. Fear not, even neutrals can be spiced up a bit with a shimmery pastel polish. A light-reflecting lavender, periwinkle or peach will still sparkle in the summer sun. Of course, when all else fails, the classics are there for a reason. Pink, cream, and red are year-round staples that exude charm and elegance; try an apple red or a watermelon pink to keep this classic fresh.

Truly, bolder means better this season. To achieve the ultimate skill in bold fingers and toes, regardless of the season, learn more about cosmetology school. By stepping outside of your comfort zone you’re sure to nail this summer’s vibrant hues!


Geometric Nails (2012)

Refinery29 (2012)

[Text Post] Posted 2 years ago on Sat, Apr. 07, 2012

Well, hello there! It’s been a little while since I’ve really blogged. I’ve spent a few days this past week Spring cleaning; lots of purging and organizing. I’m going to have a huge donation pile by the time I’m finished. ~smile~

Anywho, as I make my way towards my bedroom, I’m trying to find some ideas for organizing my closet. I need to find a better system of organizing my shoes, bags, sweatshirts etc. Typically, I run to Pinterest for inspirational ideas but during recent travels around the interwebs, I found these neat Closet Kits by Rubbermaid. *points to photo* Something like this would be perfect! It would suit everything currently in my closet plus be neatly organized and everything would be readily available.

While I’m on the organization subject… Within the next week or so, we’re getting ready to re-arrange and re-organize our basement. The spare bedroom in the basement doesn’t have a closet. However, if my husband happens to decide to build one, I’d love to have one of these Wood Closets installed in cherry! *hint-hint* Speaking of renovations, our garage could really use some work. I think these Tall Garage Cabinet would be perfect, when we get to the point of re-organizing it this Spring!

Okies, I’ve rambled enough about my organization plans, now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear from you, my readers! Feel free to share your closet organization ideas / tips!

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